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Handy Hints

Handy Hints

If you get the hiccups, Mike Jesseps takes a large mouthful of coca cola and gargles it. He says its an instant cure.

To remove bubble gum from hair try covering the gum with peanut butter then rinse it off. That hint came from David Milford.

Jenny Johnson says for an effective low cost eye cream use unscented castor oil around your eyes.

To stop someone coughing at night, put Vicks vapour rub on the soles of their feet and cover with socks. Jan Wright says the coughing will stop in about 5 minutes. She also said for ear ache use a hair dryer on warm setting and let it blow into your ear.

Gift Voucher Gift Packs

Gift Voucher Gift Packs

Employers, workmates, friends and relatives all find these packages make great gifts.

The most popular packages are:

The new born baby package - General housekeeping such as washing, ironing, cleaning.

Let’s get you back on your feet package - Post operation help with household tasks or help in the garden

Mothers day and Fathers day package - what do you buy the person who seems to have everything.

These gift ideas are package with your special occasion in mind, and at a special price:

2 vouchers for two hours each - $260.00
3 vouchers for two hours each - $360.00
4 vouchers for two hours each - $440.00

Gift vouchers can be purchased individually, more information is listed below

Other types of gift vouchers available

1. General voucher for any service
Each voucher entitles the recipient to 1 or 2 hours in home services. This could be having the windows or oven cleaned, the garden weeded, or the roses pruned. Just whatever suits their needs. The 1 hour voucher is $70.00 each including GST and postage. The 2 hour voucher is $140.00 each including GST and postage.

2. Oven cleaning Voucher
Each voucher entitles the recipient to make their oven sparkle. Standard Oven This voucher is $150 each including GST and postage. Wide Oven This voucher is $170 each including GST and postage Double Oven This voucher is $185 each including GST and postage The vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. A brochure is included with the voucher detailing our range of services.

You will receive an invoice for the vouchers purchased. The vouchers can be posted to you along with the invoice, or directly to the recipient. Methods of payment are listed on the invoice The vouchers are not valid until full payment is received

Our Sustainable Journey

Our Sustainable Journey

This year An Extra Pair Of Hands was one of 10 business selected to complete a sustainability program by the City Council.

By looking at all the tasks we complete and products we use we have made some good changes for you, our clients, but also our team, the business and the environment.

1. Cleaning products

Cleaning products have been introduced that have all natural ingredients. These products are made exclusively for AN EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS so we know exactly what the ingredients are in each product. All ingredients are chosen with our goal to be sustainable. In addition to this we have found that they are much healthier for our team to use, and leave a lovely smell in your home.

2. Waste reduction

All packaging, incoming mail and outgoing mail has been reduced. Our administration team is working towards receiving all incoming mail electronically. This has reduced our waste paper considerably.

3. Ideas from our team

Our team members are always coming up with new ideas. One idea is to introduce a service for composting green waste. One of our senior gardeners, Joyce, thought it would be a great idea to offer a service where we set up a composting system in our clients gardens and maintain that for them. Then once our team have completed the garden maintenance at their property the green waste from their garden it recycled at your home. We would love to hear your sustainable ideas, get in contact here

A HANDY MIX: Palmerston North cleaning company An Extra Pair Of Hands is making its own cleaning products, with Indra Ruffell doing the 'cooking.'

From the Tribune - 01/06/2011
'Just like cooking'

Indra Ruffell is a good cook and now she is helping to cook up cleaning products for ticking environmentally friendly and point-of-difference boxes.

Miss Ruffell, who has been deaf since she was young, has worked for AN EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS cleaning and gardening for three years.

She is now making the company's cleaning products and dispatching orders to teams in five other lower North Island locations.

A cleaning paste has been trialled and the recipe refined. Staff now use it every day.

A shower cleaner is being trialled and the next to be developed is a furniture oil.

Miss Ruffell said making the products was just like cooking, following a step-by-step process she was getting down to a fine art.

The company completing a year-long Sustainable Business Programme through Otago Polytechnic. That prompted owner Jane Richardson to review the sustainability of her business practices. Customers were asking what cleaning products were used and staff were keen to use gentler products.

Miss Ruffell was born in Latvia and first came to New Zealand in 1989 as a table tennis player for the Deaflympics.

Three years later she returned to New Zealand and married an Englishman living here.

Her three children communicate with their mother using New Zealand Sign Language.

Miss Ruffell said as a baby she had ear infections and her family noticed she was very quiet. Doctors discovered she had lost her hearing.

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